7 Trowal systems from Rösler
Stamp Machine
18 Stamp Machine from the company Weingarten, Edelhoff, Komatsu with a pressing force of 30 tons – 630 tons.
Eccentric Presses
41 Eccentric Presses from the company Weingarten, Schuler, PME, Komatsu with a pressing force of 1 ton – 400 tons.
Hydraulic Presses
5 Hydraulic Presses from the company Schuler Komatsu with a pressing force of 15 ton – 200 ton.
Laser Cutting Machine
1 Laser Cutting Machine from Trumpf 3030.
our drilling machine has 6 drilling machines as well as 4 automatic tapping machines.
Welding Stations
8 Welding Stations, includind WIG- MAG- MIG- Welding.
EDM Machine
1 EDM Machine from the Charmilles Company.
Wire Cutting Machine
2 Wire Cutting Machine from the Charmilles Company.
Milling Machines
5 Milling Machines from the Deckel Company CNC and NC controlled.
Measuring Machines
Measuring Machines from the Keyence and Zeiss Company.
3 Toggle Press
5 Hand Lever
3 Benders from the Trumpf Company
1 Water Jet Cutting from the Löffler Company
5 Spot Welding Machines
1 Robot Welding Systems
1 Hole Erosion Machine
4 Grinding Machines
3 Drilling Machines
3 Lathes